Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This breaks my heart....

This article,1,2242370.story from the Chicago Tribune appeared in our local newspaper yesterday. (I live in Mississippi, by the way)....anyway...I encourage you to go and read this! You may not be as disturbed over it as I am, but this is three times in recent days that I have read things concerning people, religion and the lack thereof. Just a couple of weeks ago when we recieved our literature concerning our Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions supported by Southern Baptist Churches it states that there are 251 million unbelievers in the United States, Canada and their territories. 251 MILLION! Can you believe that? In this country, where there are churches on almost every corner...and religious broadcasts on television and radio every hour of the day!

Then when we got our spring Sunday School literature this past Sunday there was an article in the adult SS teacher's book again stating that 3 out of 4 people in North America are without Christ! A quote from this article " Jaelin, who just finished second grade, started participating in a summer ministry led by North American missionary Debbie Wohler in Lake Tahoe, California. One of the summer missionaries working with Debbie told the children, 'We're going to have a Bible study now.' Jaelin asked,' What's a Bible study?' After the explanation, her brother, Woody, asked, 'Who's God?' "

Where are we, folks? Why aren't we more concerned? Why aren't we out knocking on doors?

My husband and I were discussing this last night at the supper table. I told him if 75% of the people in our county were in church on Sunday mornings every church in our area would be knocking out walls to make room for them...or building many new churches! He said if even 50% were in church...he's probably right!

This is so sad! Are we selfish...unconcerned...unaware...too caught up in other things?

Luke 10:2 " Therefore he said unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest."

We've got to get a burden for the lost!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Don't put off until tomorrow....

Have I ever mentioned I am a world class procrastinator? Well, I am! It's not something I'm proud of, mind you! It just seems I keep putting things off. Not the real important things like laundry, or cooking and dishes...but the little things. Papers piling up, minor mending that needs to be done, or pressing that blouse that I rarely wear, but would look nice with a particular skirt and would give me a different outfit to wear once in awhile.

Don't we all do this to a certain extent? Some of us just make a bigger habit of it than others.

The one thing I put off too long has caused me much grief for the past two years! Tuesday, the 5th, was the 2nd anniversary of my brother's unexpected death. I have gone over and over in my mind the past two years all the times I could have picked up the phone and called him. All the things I wish I had said to him. The birthdays when I didn't send a card. I loved him so much, but was so "busy" with my own things....I just put off staying in touch with him more. It wasn't like we never saw each other or talked, but we just didn't do it enough. We were so close when we were growing up and...then we grew up....we both had our families and traveled in different directions. We had different interests...our children had different interests and we were just busy. Now I would give anything to just hear his voice....hear the silly giggle he had...hear him say, " Hey're you doin?"
My life is richer because of him. After losing him I am also more aware of things I used to take for granted. And I pray I never take anyone or anything for granted again!

So to you, my little brother....I love you, miss you, think of you every day and am counting down the days until I see you again!! You were the best brother anyone ever had!

Jerry Wymon Moses - 6/27/51- 2/5/06