Saturday, January 5, 2008

One Woman's Opinion

I came across this article ( see below) in a paper my husband gets called " Pulpit Helps", and haven't been able to get it off my mind. I have to tell you that I am troubled by some of the things I see going on in our churches these days in the name of religion and worship. I know worship comes in different forms. Some people raise their hands and praise God in services...I have no problem with that. Many churches have testimony services...don't have a problem with that either...some sing hymns...others praise and worship songs...I love both! However, there are things going on and people with attitudes about who Jesus is and how we ought to worship that are not scriptural.
So many times I see so little reverence in churches and among God's people.
God is holy...He is not a " good old boy" the way some people would like to portray Him. He's there for us 24 hours a day, but many seem to be misled or misunderstand that He is still the God of the universe. He is still holy.

I have a problem with the "head banging" ( so called Christian rock) music that many of our youth are listening to. I taught the youth class at our church for several years and this is what I told them about their music. ....If it appeals to the flesh I can't see where it would be of God. If it appeals to the spirit...then yes, I would say it is from God. God teaches us to be different from the world. If you walk like a duck, and quack like a duck...then you must be a duck. I want to walk and talk like Jesus. I want to be different than the people who associate themselves with the things of this world. I know He loves us even when we're not so lovable ( which, many times, is pretty often), but we are to strive to be like Him.

Jesus is my Savior...and yes, my friend. But when I think of Him and all He did for me at Calvary and all He does for me each day of my life...I want to fall at His feet and worship Him...He's my friend, but He's not my buddy. I love Him and adore Him and worship him! He is worthy of all honor and praise! Let's give Him our very best!

We are living in a day when men think they can rush into the presence of God and treat the Lord Jesus as if He is just a buddy. May I say to you that He is high and holy and lifted up. If He should appear in your church next Sunday morning, nobody would rush up to Him, nobody would become familiar with Him. Everybody would go down on their faces before Him. That is the picture the Word of God gives. No one was as close to Him on earth as was His disciple, John. John would come to Him and make suggestions. The Lord Jesus never asked for advice, nor did He follow man's advice, but John was there to give it. Then in the Upper Room, John even reclined on His bosom. He was familiar with Him. But, my friend, when he saw the glorified Christ on the Isle of Patmos, he fell at His feet as if dead( Rev. 1:17) He did not rush into His presence.
You and I deal with a holy God.

From Isaiah -His Call and Commission
by J. Vernon McGee~Thru the Bible Radio